FREE Reach Dental Floss With Coupon – Hurry

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by Cassie

YAY! FREE Floss time again! Print this Reach Floss coupon for $1.00 off twice and then you will grab an easy two FREE flosses at either Walmart, Target, and many other stores.  There is a variety of floss that costs less than $1.00.   We haven’t paid for floss in YEARS!

Print twice and get two for FREEWhat’s great about a new feature for is when you click on it, there is no need for zip code or clicking through pages to find it!  It should be the top left coupon, already clipped to print!

And we really haven’t paid for floss in years, even with the two-year old finding the floss left on the counter and unstringing the whole thing! She thinks it is awfully fun! Good thing it’s free.

So…. we love these Reach coupons :)

Thanks Money Saving Mom

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Alex & Cassie

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