HOT Amazon: Video Baby Monitor 75% off at ONLY $99 (Normally $400) Shipped FREE TODAY ONLY

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Wow, this is quite a deal! I have always wanted a video baby monitor, but the last time I looked a couple of years ago the absolute cheapest I could find for a new one was around $229 and that was just too much for us.

baby video monitor

So when I saw this deal today, I thought about all of you moms and dads who have wanted one of these but were so disappointed by the price in the past!

Amazon’s Deal Of The Day happens to be a Video Baby Monitor for 75% off! This baby monitor normally sells for $399.99, but you can grab it TODAY ONLY for $99 and it will ship FREE! And out of 71 reviews, it has a 4-star, so this seems like quite a great deal!!

This one looks really cool too as you can record at any time (catch those sweet moments that often get missed!) plus you can take up to 4000 pictures before needing to download them onto your computer.  Here are a couple of other features:

  • night vision
  • wireless
  • easily portable
  • allows you to talk to baby too!
  • Plus, I am trying to tell for sure, but it looks like it is color on the LCD screen? (if you find the exact spec on that – leave a comment!)

Head over to Amazon HERE and read up on this monitor if you were in the market for one and grab it will it is marked low today!


  1. Carole says

    I let my niece know about this deal since she’s expecting a baby soon. When she checked, the price was $138.88 which is 65% off. Don’t know when it changed. Still a good deal, I guess.

  2. Nicole Pepperell says

    I saw this offer in an email I got yesterday from Amazon Mom and jumped on it right away. We are expecting our second in May and have been looking for a video monitor, so we were really excited to find this deal. I ordered it yesterday and already received it today and the best part is that I only paid $89.99 for it. It was $99.99 and I had a $10 off coupon from Amazon Mom plus no taxes and free prime shipping through a friend=$89.99. I LOVE GREAT DEALS!!

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