Holiday Recipe: Easy 2-Ingredient Homemade Holiday Ham Marinade

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holiday ham pineapple

In continuation of our last minute super easy last-minute Holiday recipes, here is our next emergency recipe.

Many of you might have a holiday ham planned on your Christmas dinner menu for this week.  If so, we wanted to share a simple, 2-step homemade marinade that is so delightful to any palette!

You only need 2 ingredients!  How simple is that!

Here’s what you need: 2-parts of ginger ale and 1-part mustard! If you use 1/3 cup mustard, then use 2/3 cup ginger ale, etc.

To make:

  • Make your 2-ingredient marinade
  • Prepare your ham by making diamond slices in the top (make cuts about 1/2 inch into the ham both length-wise and width-wise.  This will create “diamond” shapes into the ham and allow the marinade to seep into the ham so that they ham can cook and soak up the flavors!
  • Then pour your marinade over the ham (it will be thicker) and let is seep into the cuts and cook to package directions.
  • Throughout the cooking process, using a baster, suck up the juices that leaked out and baste it over the top again.  You can also use a spoon for this too if you don’t have a baster.
  • Serve and enjoy the sweet/tart and deliciously unique flavors of your Ham.

We have made this for both small and large family gatherings and everyone loved it and no ham was left over.  The slower the cooking the better as the ham just soaks up the flavors more and more the longer it cooks, plus it just falls apart and is so juicy!

You could even cook pineapple slices and maraschino cherries with your ham for an even more exotic flavor!

This ham is best served with either a butternut squash dish or sweet potato/yam dish! The flavors all compliment each other very well!

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  1. Katy says

    Hadn’t thought of using ginger-ale. My mom always used Coke with yellow mustard and brown sugar on top of her hams at thanksgiving etc. I always want to try some other cola such as Dr Pepper…. anything that. Moistens the ham would be wonderful!


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