Our Black Friday Shopping is DONE

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We posted about Kohl’s Black Friday online deals that started online TODAY! We also told you that we were able to do some Black Friday shopping from our list!

Well…. Good News is….. We’re DONE! We had two things on our list that we shared with you earlier: 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster and a nice quality flatware set! We finished around 9am this morning!

We came in under budget, under our price point, got a good deal, shopped from home, and shipped FREE to our door! The age of online shopping is soooo sweet!

Here’s the breakdown:

oneida flatware set

Kohls – They had an Oneida 85 piece Flatware set that was normally $160 on sale today for $47.99! We were even more excited that we were able to get an Oneida set with a 25-year warranty and it serves 16 people!!! We were hoping for 12-people service set at our price point… but.. YAY. I told my mom earlier today that we got a new flatware set finally and she said…. “oh good, finally, it was getting really difficult without real spoons” – LOL!


We did not pay the Black Friday price of $47.99.

Here’s what we did:

  • Oneida Flatware set for $47.99
  • 3 Kids PJ Sets (normally $20 each) from our Christmas budget (each child gets new pjs Christmas Eve) at $7.99 each = $71.96.
  • We also purchased a 5-pc luggage set that was normally $199.99 on sale for $47.99 as we have had the same old set for 12 years and it is beat up, melted candy, ripped.. you get the picture.  Thrifty Al even complained about it when we went to Chicago! We used our clothing budget and picked it up for $47.99 = $119.95
  • At checkout we used coupon code: EXTRA20 for 20% off our entire purchase – $23.99 = $95.96
  • We then received FREE shipping for spending $75 = $95.96 PLUS FREE shipping.
  • We then received $10 Kohl’s cash (comes via email when you shop online) = $85.96 PLUS FREE Shipping
  • We also shopped using Shop At Home for 4% back on $95.96 – $3.84 = final total of $82.12

All of the above ended up costing us half of the normal price on just the flatware. LOVE IT! $400 worth of items for $82.12 = 80% discount, did not have to leave home, and it is coming to us at our home!

I did make one mistake…. did anyone catch it?… I caught it seconds after I completed my order.  I should have received $20 in Kohl’s cash, in fact, I was only $4.04 away from receiving another $10.  I didn’t notice it because of two things….. the before 20% off code price was well over $100 and then it barely dropped my total under $100… but I really didn’t notice it because we have to pay tax (I am sure everyone does) and it kept my total at $101, so I wasn’t even thinking about it….. Oh well!

Then, we headed over to JCPenney.com to see if we could pick up the 4-Slice Toaster we had our eye on.

4-slice toaster sale

We purchased the Cooks 4-slice stainless steel toaster that was normally $109.99 for $39.99.  We also picked up a pair of ski gloves for our son that was normally $15 for $6.  Our total came to $45.98.  We shopped through ShopAtHome which gives us 6% back – $2.56 = 43.42 and FREE shipping for spending over $25 = $124 worth of items for $43.42 = 65% off and shipped to our door!

There are a number of coupon codes listed on RetailMeNot.com but none worked for our transaction and we were not just going to “buy more stuff” to take a percent off. We were very pleased with our find and that we are FINISHED!

So…. we are soon going to be able to eat like we are not babies and use real spoons now (we were using baby spoons the last several weeks!) and have real toast that we don’t have to play the finicky oven-broiler-toast-game anymore! Everyone is so happy 😉


  1. says

    WOW!!!! that is great. I just had complete knee replacement a month ago and I really want the laptop, IPod, and Blueray from Walmart – however, I am not sure I can walk that much – I sure wish those had been on-line for today.
    Oh well, not much I can do about it. I even tried to find a surrogate for me – no takers. ha ha

    Glad you got all those deals, I love deals.


    • says

      Hi Lynn – I am so sorry to hear about your knee replacement. My mother will be doing that in 2-weeks -Yikes. Just wanted to give you a head’s up that Walmart’s Black Friday deals for online shopping have not started yet and will be starting sometime tonight/early morning after midnight – the exact time is still unknown (I thought I read somewhere 3am EST?) and so you may be able to get your deals from home and select site to store shipping for FREE shipping (then have someone pick it up for you) :) Hope that helps and that you are able to get your deals – keep us posted!

      We hope you heal and recover quickly!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you 😉

  2. Lisa says

    Found a free shipping code for Kohls that worked CONTACTFR
    Thanks for the info…just got the silverware for $41.75 delivered!

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