Daily Dose of Thrifty: Using Toothpaste as a Face Wash

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tube of toothpaste

Ok – here’s today’s Daily Dose of Thrifty: Using Toothpaste as a Face Wash.

This is a very interesting one and something that you may have to experiment with to see which type and how it works for your skin.

Before we talk about applying toothpaste to your face….. I wanted to remind you that one idea and point behind being frugal and thrifty is to find alternative uses for product that you might have an abundance of on your shelf.  This particular product (toothpaste) is definitely in the latter category.

So on with the idea of repurposing toothpaste – one of those alternatives we use it for is facewash!

I personally discovered this little trick when I was about 14 years old.  At that time, in our home, we had ran out of my favorite facewash.  Early in the morning, I grabbed the first thing I could find – TOOTHPASTE; it really was AMAZING! My skin felt tingly and cool which prompted me to keep trying it the next few mornings with a surprising result!  As a teenager at the budding age of 14 I struggled with bad skin.  Well this little mishap turned trick actually cleared up my acne very quickly for one of the first times in all my skin cleansing trials! I was so excited and shocked by the positive affects.

Today I still get mild breakouts here and there and I pull out the toothpaste! I just following my skin cleansing with my normal toner and moisturizer! In addition, those days that the facial cleanser runs out I simply reach for my toothpaste – no need to worry about a shortage there!

A few points/tips when using toothpaste as a face wash:

  • Short term use is best as it is really intense cleaning. So use it when you run out of facewash, when you get a breakout, or when you feel like having a very refreshing morning here and there!
  • Experiment with different types. We personally only use a couple of brands of toothpaste for our teeth.  However, we grab all types (especially when they are FREE or we are making money on them) and then we can give them away or use them for this purpose.  I have mostly used Colgate on my face – it works great!
  • The cleansing beads can be an exfoliation wash, and it works wonders, but don’t over do it and only use this type around once a week.
  • Use it as a spot treatment for several hours or over night for a blemish! Have just one little blemish that is irritating?  Just dab a little toothpaste on that one spot. It seems to draw out the bacteria pretty quickly!

Keep watching for our weekly grocery deals as you can stock up on all brands of toothpaste for cheap.  Even if you are brand specific on toothpaste, it is worth picking up your non-preferred brand for cheap or FREE and trying it on your face!  And when you get that clean, tingly clean feeling just remember it was here you heard this tip.  :)  Let us know if you’ve tried this.  We would even love to hear your other alternative uses for toothpaste.  Leave a comment and let us know!

Please note, as with all health tips, we recommend you consult your friendly dermatologist to make sure this works for you.


  1. Missy says

    I have always used toothpaste for blemishes when growing up. Now I tell my daughter, who loves to try all the new face products, to dab just a bit on a pimple and leave it alone overnight and most times it is gone by morning. Gotta love cheap pimple alternative :)

  2. Lindsey says

    Hey there! What a great tip, thank you so much for sharing! I saw on The Doctors that using diaper cream as a face mask was great for your skin! I am going try both of these tips!

  3. Michelle says

    I just put toothpaste on my face tonight and I google it afterward to see if anyone actually got results. So glad I read this, otherwise I’d jut be some weirdo with Colgate on her cheeks lol

    • says

      LOL – I love the way it feels on my face. When it feels tingly….I think that it has to be doing something :) Thanks for sharing and stopping by Michelle!


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