Mega Swagbucks Friday – Labor Day Style

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how to earn swagbucks

Today is such an exciting Friday – It is the start of an extended weekend, then Fun Fabulous Friday for the $10 Amazon gift card and finally MEGA SWAGBUCKS FRIDAY!

Read up on what Swagbucks is from our original post on what this Swag thing is all about. Then get started with earning Swagbucks and maybe pay for some of Christmas this year with your rewards.

So, far, we have been using Swagbucks for a several months now and have earned enough points for  = hundreds in FREE gift cards. We have been able to stock up on diapers for FREE, groceries for FREE and early Christmas shopping for FREE, and girls dresses for FREE.  And saving for a heavy duty blender that we would love to get for FREE too!

It is so ridiculously easy to earn these gift cards just by searching using the Swagbucks toolbar/browser as our search engine. We usually win 10-50 Swagbucks by our second or third search of the day (plus more throughout the day as we are doing our normal web searches).

Be sure to read the list below on how you can earn more Swagbucks.

If you do NOT use Swagbucks yet……. Then what are you waiting for??

If you are not sure what Swagbucks is all about – well it is only just the most rewarding way to search the web. Instead of using the search page you normally use, you use the Swagbucks homepage or toolbar to search and then every once in a while, it will pop up that you won another Swag Buck or more! We usually win 1-4 times daily, with each win varying from 10 – 50 Swag bucks.

But on Fridays, they up the ante and typically double the bucks they reward and normally give. So you will want to do lots of searching today!

PLUS here are more ways to easily earn extra Swagbucks right now:

Add the Swagbucks Toolbar and you will get EXTRA BUCKS just for using this toolbar. Also, poke around the site and find the tab more ways to earn and for more ideas.

Invite friends to start using Swagbucks too via email, facebook or other social media and you will earn right along with them! Post on your Facebook page about Swagbucks and post each time you win and your friends will start to wonder what it is that you are doing and you can get more referrals that way to start earning faster!

Additionally, click on the “Ways to Earn” tab and click on Special Offers – at the top of the Swagbucks home page, choose the option on the right that states “View No Obligation Offers and Win.” Then just click on the skip button on about 5-7 pages and then at the end it will say “Congratulations – you just won X number of Swagbucks”. You can do this regularly.

Also, you can enter in Swagbucks codes on the Swagbucks home page as you find them.  Well, look for the Swagbucks search widget on the top left of our site and when there is a code, the black area at the top with say “code alert” and then you can click on that for details on where to find the code to enter.

Enter your birthdate on the Swagbucks home page and automatically earn 50 FREE Swagbucks when your birthday rolls around.

Also, see our previous post for a detailed list of ways to earn Swagbucks for maximum earnings.

NOT SIGNED UP YET?!?! Just go HERE to get started – so ridiculously easy.

So, don’t miss out and join the Swagbucks train. And, if you are already swaggin’ well, get out there and have fun searching and earning today.


  1. Dawn says

    After I type in a search, I click the “View Images” button on the left and I win on the first search almost every time. I do this in the morning and in the evening and usually win 6-12 swagbucks in less than a minutes time.

  2. Camilla says

    Question: How do you get people to sign up? Send them that email via the Swagbucks site? Is that how you guys get so many swagbucks?!


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