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Have you ever tried Parents Choice formula before? This is the Walmart store brand. When we used formula this was the brand that we purchased most often.

Right now you can request a FREE sample of Parent’s Choice Formula for new and existing users of this product. You will be able to pick from three of their different types of formula (Premium, Advantage, or Gentle). Whether you are hoping to sample it for your first time or whether you have been an avid user, you should check out this sample. And especially if you have ever used formula before, you know how nice it is to keep a sample size in the diaper bag for feeding emergencies :)

We were honestly a bit shocked when our pediatrician actually recommended Parent’s Choice formula! He told us that we really didn’t need to spend additional money on the name brand formulas, but to purchase the Walmart brand Parent’s Choice as it contains the same ingredients as the name brand but half the cost. This was very exciting news for a couple of parents learning how to be The Thrifty Couple (this was nearly seven years ago – you will have to keep reading our Deep in Debt to Debt-Free series to hear the whole story).

Walmart sells their cans of formula for only $11.88. The name brands really were twice as much. You can see just how much you would save by heading over to the Parent’s Choice Formula website and click on the Savings Calculator on the bottom left – this is a really cool tool and it is eye opening just how much you can save over name-brand formulas!

So here’s what Parent’s Choice offers (information from Walmart):

  • Parent’s Choice continues to meet all strict FDA guidelines, just like the national brands
  • Parent’s Choice offers complete nutrition for baby’s health and development
  • DHA & ARA to help support brain & eye development

Keep your eyes open when shopping as they have changed the look and logo of their Parent’s Choice brands, including that on their formulas. It is a nice clean look that is easier to immediately see the product type, age, and benefits for your child! The formula itself has not changed – just the look of the container and it looks like they are still the same sizes as before.

But we aren’t just going to stop here. We are The Thrifty Couple and as such want to help find every way we can to save even more. This little trick we discovered several years ago – you can get a $3.00 off coupon for this store-brand formula to make it only $8.88 a can!!

  • Every 30 days you can call 1-800-272-5095 and request a $3.00 off coupon for this formula
  • Mark your calendar and so you can call every 30 days to request your coupon
  • Have family members also call for you to get more coupons
  • The coupon will come in the mail in just a few weeks
  • Start calling when you are expecting and have a stockpile of them

You can also find Parent’s Choice Formula on Facebook where they may also include special offers and coupons here and there like many other companies do!

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  1. Tammy says

    iam wondering if there is a canadian site for parnets choice???? where i can get free samples and coupons??

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