FREE $5 Wal-Mart Gift Card In The Mail?!?!

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Look what we got in the mail today! A FREE $5 Wal-mart gift card!!! I have no idea why we got one – but wanted to warn you to check your mail to see if you got one too! Let us know if YOU did!

FREE Walmart Gift Card

The front of the envelope says “Roll back in To Save.” Either they know that we don’t exclusively shop Walmart and trying to get us back in regularly, or it is something that they are sending out to many residents to show their most recent roll backs!

Either way, I am NOT complaining and will enjoy having an extra $5 to spend!

Also, watch for the Subway coupons on the back of the RedPlum coupon packets! Subway coupons are great!


  1. janie says

    I got one since they have TOTALLY remodeled our local Walmart(and it was a giant pain in the butt !)and as a ” thank you for the inconvenience” they sent all the residences one with an expiration date of 11/19/10

  2. Snidely Snurd says

    Just one more way for WM to get people’s personal information. Use at your own risk.

    Is safeguarding your privacy worth $5?

    Driving to the local WM and wading through the throngs of the great unwashed is not worth five bucks to me. I’d rather shop at Costco.


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