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sears sales clearance couponsKmart and Sears are having an incredible clearance sale on baby and toddlers’ clothing online.   The prices start at only .36!!! You can shop online and the clothing comes from both Kmart and Sears.  It is a great time to stock  up! Go to the website HERE to start shopping!

Since the birth of our first child, we have always been grateful to those that gave us clothing and baby items (and love to give to others in a time of need as well). In addition, we also would purchase clothing when it went really cheap like this for the next year (and possibly beyond) and pay a small fraction of the price vs. buying it when we needed it.  Even getting the clothing on sale when you need still ends up being infinitely more money.  We just have the plastic bins (that we love!) and label them with the ages/sizes of the new clothing.  Each new season rolls out and we get to pull those bins out and distribute the new clothes to the kids.  It is fun – shopping from our “Thrifty Store” again. So, most of my clothing was purchased at the end of the season the year before.

So this is one of those sales! Also, here are some extra ways to sweeten this incredible clearance even more, try these codes, I am not sure what the requirements are for them to work, not sure if a cart full of clearance items will take the additional discount, but if you had another item, it might (let us know!)!

  • Coupon code: SEARS50FF50 (this will work on some transactions, I tried it on mine and it said my purchases did not qualify, my cart only had these super clearance prices, so maybe if you had other items you need it might work, might as well try it!).  This code gives you $5 off of a $50 purchase. It expires on 1/31/10.
  • Coupon code: SAVINGSCOM (same disclaimer as the above code). This code gives you $5 off a $50 purchase.
  • Coupon code: 90055 OR 90065 (same disclaimer as the above codes). These codes gives you 10% of your total purchase. Expires 02/01/10.
  • Also, on the site (where this sale for Kmart and Sears is happening!), when you spend $50 on the clothing offered by Kmart, you will get an additional $5 off at checkout automatically! When you click on the item, it will say it is Sears or Kmart, then you will know!
  • Be sure to sign-up for Sears email alerts and you will get a coupon emailed to you for $5 off your $50 purchase for both in-store and on-line. You can do this 1 time per email address and the coupon is good for 7 days, so be sure to use this when you are ready (whether this shopping experience or the next!). If this same sale is occuring inside the stores, be sure to sign-up for the email alerts so that you an print a $5/$50 purchase coupon to use at the store!
  • Finally, join the Kmart and Sears (one in the same) Rewards program and earn points and offers for future shopping trips. Right now, you can earn triple points on baby and toddler clothing purchases. For the details on this, visit our previous post!


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