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I thought I would share the benefits of being a The Thrifty Couple reader. Not only do we share store deals, online deals, FREE stuff, ways to save money in every area of life, etc., but also a mailbox filled with goodies!!!!

The last 2 days I have gone to my mailbox, it is brimming with fun stuff! I wanted to share with you the things we have gotten and remind on these deals so you can take advantage of it too!

Here is what we got:

Thrifty Mail Box free stuff

WOW! AWESOME! And really, really fun! I love the samples that come with the high value coupons.  I am looking forward to opening my mailbox today!

Guess what hasn’t been in my mailbox the last two days – BILLS! NO BILLS! YEA!

So don’t miss out on the everyday savings, but the fun stuff too! Keep checking back here at The Thrifty Couple for more deals.

Some of the deals above are still available!


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