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Improve your family’s finances starting today

We are a real couple knowing first-hand the pain and struggles of financial despair and not seeing a way out.  We’ve been there and know those struggles – yet through simple strategies we share on our site, we found our way out and started the rest of our journey.  We started this site to give others the tools and resources we didn’t have years ago – principles we used while in the heart of our debt and still use today after paying off over $100K in consumer debt as they are truly universal in achieving your every financial goal.

There are two parts to this picture – First, how a family can come together and focus on solid financial principles to work towards becoming good stewards in every area of life.  And second, that through healthy living and working towards that harmonious home that healthy, balanced living will lead to healthier finances and a healthy, happy family.  Our hope and prayer is that as we relate our story that you will share yours with us.  We continue to share our experience we’ve learned along the way while hearing and learning from yours.  And that together we can all grow together – come grow with us!