Take Back Your Finances #16: Look For and Eliminate These Unnecessary Fees in Bills

Did you know that you could be paying quite a chunk of your money each month to unnecessary fees in your many household bills? We are not just talking debt, but the everyday bills. You know, the things like cable, cell phones, internet, insurance, etc. Of course, debts apply too. Fees are a sneaky way… 

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How To Get All of Those Birthday Freebies

Celebrating a birthday soon? Well, one nice thing about being a frugal and thrifty person is that you can cash in BIG TIME on your birthday. Everyone wants to celebrate with you by giving you freebies galore! It’s a lot of fun when our birthday’s roll around to figure out which ones we want to… 

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The Magic Homemade Solution for Removing The Black Stubborn Stains on Pans

Please tell me I am not the only one that burns the bottom of my pans to the point that the pan seems ruined?  You know the type of burning that once you wash away all of the food, debris and crusty surface, there is still this caked on black mess that a pan scraper can’t… 

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Thrifty Thursday Link Party #46

Welcome back to the Thrifty Thursday link party! This party continues to grow each week and we love seeing all the new things you link up. Be sure to spread the word about the party because more links = more exposure for everyone. Take a look at some of the most popular projects from last… 

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Chocolate Mint Garden Parfaits Dessert Recipe (Dessert Made To Look Like Garden Seedlings with Real Mint)

    This is a fun treat to make and share anytime of the year, but especially spring and summer! A Chocolate Mint Garden Parfait is a lot of fun and uses real mint as a mock edible planter or seedling! It is fun for any reason, occasion, party or gathering. It can be perfect… 

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Hot Nearly Free Sam’s Club Deal Is Back: Pay $45 and Get $20 Gift Card, $22 in Free Food and Upgrade to Plus Membership

  YAY! This deal is back from last year! This is one of the No. 1 posts and deals we have shared in the past. After the deal is over, we often receive MANY emails asking to post as soon as it is available again. Well friends, today is that day! Here’s your announcement that… 

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Crazy Nationwide Chicken Breast Deal: $1.69 lb. (Better Quality and Better Price Than The Grocery Store)

It’s a good day friends! Why? Because our family’s main source of protein and sustenance (besides the loads of fruits and veggies we buy each week) is on a CRAZY sale price. This is the lowest we have seen this chicken in over 3 years! I can’t tell you how excited we are because it… 

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Is This A Good Deal? Our Bountiful Baskets Order From April 18th Pickup

We have talked about how we will purchase our produce several weeks out of the year from a produce co-op. The co-op is called Bountiful Baskets and we have ordered from them for years. They have grown to be in several locations nationwide. You can read more details and information about this nationwide co-op on… 

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42 Days into the Challenge: Can You Believe We’re Almost Halfway There

We can’t believe that we are just a couple of days away from the halfway point for our 90-Day Fitness challenge!  And with that we want to find out how the challenge is going for you – are you seeing results from everything you are doing?  Remember, this check-in time is important as it helps you… 

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