Love It or Loathe It? Best Tips for Both Personalities on Black Friday

Whether you love or loathe black friday (it’s split in our house!), these are the tips to help you have the best Black Friday ever! We have written extensively on this topic and can share many ideas, tips and tricks for anything Black Friday – from how to get the best deals, budgeting, planning, staying… 

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How $1.99 Saved Me $25 on the First Use (Guest Post)

Note from The Thrifty Couple: Denise shared this story with us and said we could pass it along to you.  I bought the Christmas Planner a couple of weeks ago. It has been so great and so helpful. In fact, even on the first use, I saved 50% off of ONE item – a total of… 

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3 Cute and Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Turkey Treat Pots, Handprint Turkeys, Paper Pumpkins

Hi! The thrifty kids are back with some craft ideas for Thanksgiving.  A few times a year, we get to share what we are up to over here as well and so Mom and dad let us share our crafts we made this year. Each year’s crafts are different. Some of our crafts are for fun… 

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11.13 Thrifty Thursday Features

Thrifty Thursday Link Party #25

Welcome back to the Thrifty Thursday link party! This party continues to grow each week and we love seeing all the new things you link up. Be sure to spread the word about the party because more links = more exposure for everyone. Take a look at some of the most popular projects from last… 

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Clever Ideas to Earn Money This Holiday Season: Instead of Spend….EARN!

That time of year is upon us – the time of year when many spend more than they bring in. When many often go into debt just to pay for Christmas, when 45% of people would rather skip Christmas altogether to avoid the financial stress it brings. It’s often an ugly, regretful time of year because… 

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Butternut Squash Pie Recipe

We have shared our love of all kinds of squash in many recipes.  Well, one that is a top favorite in our house is actually Butternut Squash Pie.  Yes, it is similar to pumpkin pie, but also different. It is also easier to make from the fresh fruit. Butternut squashes are easier to handle and… 

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Learn these Top Insider Tips to Save BIG Money on Meat Shopping

Buying meat is a huge portion of most families’ grocery budget and is often the most expensive part.  Our family tries to stay in a grocery budget of about $108 per week for seven people.  Within that budget, we purchase our meats, and we try to also purchase our toiletries, personal care and fresh and organic foods… 

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Did You Receive a Free $30 Credit From Amazon Mom’s?

Earlier today, Amazon sent out free credits to spend on the Amazon site for Amazon Mom’s members.  It looks like if you are a current member, then you will receive a credit in some amount with the maximum of $30. Check your Inbox for an email with the Subject Line “Claim Your Subscribe & Save Credit from… 

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Easy Pilgrim Hat Cookies with Fudge Stripes and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for Thanksgiving

Looking for a fun, frugal, easy Thanksgiving themed cookie treat or dessert?  Well, these Pilgrim Hat Cookies are just too cute and easy not to share! They are also an “instant fancy treat.”  It is so simple and looks so festive that it is really hard to pass this dessert up for Thanksgiving parties and themes!… 

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