How To Make DIY Gender Reveal Cupcakes and Surprise Everyone

Having a baby is just pure fun and joy! It is a time filled with blessing and growing love. And one aspect to pregnancy is the joy, excitement and surprise of finding out if you are having a boy or a girl! There are so many fun ways to make this fun revelation known, but… 

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star wars crafts for kids_thumb[1]

Star Wars Craft Ideas for Kids for May the 4th Be With You Day

We have to be honest and perhaps will be hated by you for saying this… but somehow both of us grew up in the late 70’s and 80’s and never really became big fans of or really ever watched Star Wars. I know… it’s a total shock. We are probably like the only two people… 

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Take Back Your Finances #17: Challenge Yourself/Family To Decrease Spending By 2% and Increase Extra Income By 2%

Oh, it’s going to be a GREAT week of change for you, your family and your budget! We are at a pivotal point – the point in which we are now going to challenge you to both decrease spending by 2% and increase the extra income opportunities by 2% at the same time. This is… 

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DIY Pallet Projects: 55 Incredible Ways To Reuse Pallets for Decor and Furniture and Everything Inbetween

Pallets are a GREAT resource for reclaimed wood for cheap and most often, free! There are so many ways to reuse pallets and to make something new from this handy old wood. In fact, we’ve rounded up 55 Upcycled Pallet Project Ideas for you from decor ideas all the way to furniture from pallets. But… 

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Thrifty Thursday Link Party #47

Welcome back to the Thrifty Thursday link party! This party continues to grow each week and we love seeing all the new things you link up. Be sure to spread the word about the party because more links = more exposure for everyone. Take a look at some of the most popular projects from last… 

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Raising Backyard Chickens: What You Need To Know When Buying Chicks For Backyard Urban Chicken Raising

So you are interested in backyard chickens? Well, it might be easier than you think! You can raise backyard chickens for eggs in a rural yard, suburb and even the city! Not to mention, it is a fun project for the whole family and a very rewarding one when you can enjoy farm fresh eggs… 

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It’s Back: Get A Free Big Box of Diapers From Walmart For 2 Days Only!

UPDATE: this was so popular, so this deal is BACK! Which is great news in case you missed it the first time. But you can only grab it for a couple of days. So don’t miss it this time. They can’t keep offering free diapers.   YAY! We hope you are excited as we are…… 

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50 Days into the Challenge: We’ve Crossed the Halfway Point

We were just recently watching an amazing course overview of the Boston Marathon and right at 13.2 miles one of the runners recounted just how amazing it felt to hit that point because you know you’ve run more distance than you have left.  But what’s even better about crossing the halfway point of this challenge is… 

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Take Back Your Finances #16: Look For and Eliminate These Unnecessary Fees in Bills

Did you know that you could be paying quite a chunk of your money each month to unnecessary fees in your many household bills? We are not just talking debt, but the everyday bills. You know, the things like cable, cell phones, internet, insurance, etc. Of course, debts apply too. Fees are a sneaky way… 

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